People break tradition and celebrate Thanksgiving outside

Outdoors on Thanksgiving

BRISTOL, Tenn. - Before some people sat down to eat Thanksgiving dinner, they were playing outside. And chances are the sunny weather is what many were thankful for Thursday.

The sunny sky and warm weather proved to be too tempting for the Howard family, so they broke with tradition. "We decided we would come to the park and let the grandkids run off some steam. Since they'll need that later when we have turkey, dressing, and all the fixings," said Richard Howard.

But time outside laughing and playing was limited. "When it's about nap time we'll take the grandkids home and let them have a little nap before dinner," added Howard.

There were of course some chores that needed to be finished before the turkey and stuffing. Alan Sharrett was busy washing his car and took full advantage of more than just the warm weather. "Well, it's a day off from work so I thought I would get up early, come out and wash my car," he said.

Playing 18 holes isn't a conventional way to spend Thanksgiving day, but golfer George Galloway was thankful for the beautiful weather.

Galloway and his buddies are willing to spend their holiday celebrating a sport. "[We're hoping for] just a good round of golf," he told us.

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