Numbers drawn for $400 million Powerball jackpot

BRISTOL - The numbers have now been drawn for the $400 million Powerball jackpot.

They are 01-17-35-49-54, with a Powerball of 34.

The winnings have an estimated cash value of about $227 million.

We talked to Powerball players before the drawing and they told us they have big plans for the money if they win. "I would donate some money," said Leah Cassell, of Rural Retreat, Va. "I would pay off all of my family's bills."

Cassell had the computer pick her numbers randomly.

Nikki Hulse, of Bristol, Va., decided to choose her numbers based on family members' birthdays. She told us she hopes those lucky numbers will help her win the $400 million. "I would take care of my children's futures, but I would also give back," said Hulse.

Hulse told us her son convinced her buy her first Powerball ticket for Wednesday night's drawing. "He said, 'Mom, you should buy it. You're going to win,'" she explained.

Hulse bought the ticket at Zoomerz in Bristol, Va.

Zoomerz employee, Adam Gardner, told us that when the jackpot gets this large, more first-time players decide to buy tickets. "Even people who don't normally play lottery on a normal basis have been coming in and playing lottery," Gardner said.

He told us sales have picked up all week, especially on Wednesday. "They'll see the jackpot and they'll decide they want to get a ticket or two," said Gardner.

Down the road at the Scotchman convenience store on Volunteer Parkway in Bristol, Tenn., salesman Shawn Southwick told us the jackpot is giving their all-around sales a big boost. "We have have been excessively busy," he said.

Southwick told us he didn't buy a ticket but he may still get some of the pot. "You wouldn't believe the amount of customers who've told me I can retire if they win because they would share with me," said Southwick.

He told us despite that generosity, he's only looking for one outcome of Wednesday night's drawing. "I just hope it goes to someone who deserves it," Southwick said.

The Virginia Lottery said they expected to sell about 1.4 million tickets on Wednesday before the drawing.

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