New technology announced for Rhythm & Roots

New technology announced for Rhythm & Roots

BRISTOL, Tenn. - It's a phrase you probably wouldn't have heard when Bristol's Rhythm & Roots began 13 years ago -- "We've got an app for that."

But now it's a part of everyday life, including music festivals, to be as tech-savvy as they can.

It's time to spruce up around Bristol as tens of thousands of music fans will descend on downtown this weekend. Besides the spit and the polish, there's been more going on in the air and underground.

Bristol's Rhythm & Roots Reunion announced several partnerships this year, including a complete wi-fi network for festival goers. "We sat down and thought through how we could grow this wi-fi network, and how that could produce a way for the attendees to use their mobile devices to see who was playing the stages so they could decide to view an act or see how attended the act was," says Mark Lene with Bristol, Virginia Utilities.

That means live video feeds from eight stages all during the festival provided by Bristol, Virginia Utilities and Bristol, Tennessee Essential Services.

Also announced was the continuing partnership with King University students to provide social networking during the event. "We're going to first and foremost continue to do our social media work, where we are providing Bristol Rhythm & Roots with all their social media resources. On top of that we're going to be working with Live and Breathing," Joe Strickland with the university said.

It's not the name of a band, but a video company that will be recording acts in the L.C. King factory to be viewed year-round. "It's a setting that's authentic that also celebrated our 100th birthday, so we're calling it the L.C. King Centennial sessions," Ben Collins with the company says.

And for the first time, the factory will have a store in their old offices selling their world-famous Pointer Brand denim products.

It's a connection between a 100-year-old manufacturer and the modern technology of a new generation, much like the music provided at this years festival.

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