New plans for handling race traffic

BRISTOL, Va. - The spring race at Bristol Motor Speedway is just over a week away and Thursday local authorities announced a plan to handle race traffic.

The biggest change will take place in the construction zone on U.S. 11-E and 19-E in Bluff City.

According to Dave Metzer, a Bristol traffic engineer, two red lights will help with the flow of traffic.

During heavy traffic flow, the lights will be operated manually by the Tennessee Highway Patrol and Bluff City police.

Metzer encouraged race fans to leave home early to allow plenty of time to get to the race safely.

On a related note, Bristol Motor Speedway will now offer more options for race fans, by expanding its shuttle service.

"This year we are expanding to Bristol, Virginia," said Kevin Triplett, VP of Communications with BMS. "With the help of the Bristol Virginia Transit
system, we will use Sugar Hollow as a location and another location at Exit 7 we will have very soon."
Triplett says the other location at Exit 7 will be announced in a few days.

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