New leadership at King University

King University plan

BRISTOL, Tenn. - It's the start of a new era at King University -- a new man is in charge after Dr. Gregory Jordan resigned as president on Friday.

A member of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Richard Ray, has been named interim president.

A change in command at King University is considered a step in the right direction by some students, both current and former. "Now that he's gone, there's a whole new set to deal with. It's exciting, definitely," says Nick Fasbinder, a King University sophomore.

Some alumni echo the hope for the future. "For us, our desire is to see every student and every prospective student that comes to King to have a similar experience to ours, and keep the focus on the church and for learning, which is what King has stood for since 1867," says Scott Ball, a 2006 graduate of King University.

While the Board of Trustees works on what's next, students here are trying to go about their routine. "It's just a regular day, normal. Classes, practice, and games," say Sara Mitchell & Bonnie Durrett.

But some on campus say they can tell there's a change in the air. "I feel like it's less pressure on all of those students who are actually involved in it and the faculty. I'm sure it's a world of difference," adds Fasbinder.

So, what's ahead for the University? No one knows for sure as the search for a new leader is underway, but those who have been here before hope the school continues to teach the values it was founded on. "We want to continue the expansion, continue the growth, while keeping attached to our core values as a school," adds Ball.

Here are some more facts about interim president Dr. Richard Ray -- he's been a member of the King University Board of Trustees for 33 years.

Ray is also a Presbyterian minister, who has served as adjunct professor at King University. He served as the Senior Pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Bristol, Tennessee for 16 years.

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