New Gun Law Will Help Dealers And Buyers

Virginia Passes Bill To Repeal One Gun A Month Prohibition

A limit on how many handguns you can buy in Virginia will soon be lifted. That means people will be able to buy more than one per month.

We wondered just who that law would impact; we asked William Sanders who owns Hunter's Paradise in Chilhowie.

He gave one example of how the new law will help him and his customers. "Say if you have an antique set of guns, before with the law in effect you could only buy one of them," he said. "You would have to come back in another 30 days and buy the other one."

Washington County, Virginia Sheriff Fred Newman is on the front lines of the gun control battle. While you might think allowing more handgun sales would be a bad thing, Sheriff Newman says that's not the case.

He explained that it will not have a negative impact on the community because of security measures that are already in place. "I think there are some good safeguards in place from a standpoint of record checks that are done and those will certainly continue," he said.

Sanders also says taking away the one handgun per month prohibition should be good for business. "I do expect an increase in sales because of the law [being repealed], but I don't think it's going to double our sales overnight," he said.

While gun dealers do stand to gain from this, Sanders and other proponents of this new law say it's the gun owners who really are the winners here by having one less prohibition to their second amendment rights.

That's a right that Virginia lawmakers are keeping in their sights.

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