New faces headed to Bristol, Va. City Council

Bristol election follow-up

BRISTOL, Va. - Bristol, Virginia was no exception to the shake-up during the May 6 elections. Two incumbents were defeated and a write-in candidate won, but one incumbent was able to survive.

The votes are in -- now there will be two new faces on the Bristol, Virginia City Council. One of those is write-in candidate Archie Hubbard. "We only had a 30-day window to get this done, and everybody really worked hard. It looks like the effort was fruitful," Hubbard told us.

Hubbard is a retired businessman and former BVU chairman.

The Bristol Registrar of Voters tells us she can only think of one other time a write-in candidate won, and that was for a school board election.

Another new face is Bill Hartley, who is the grants coordinator at ETSU. "I'm really honored and humbled by the support I received. I really appreciate that. I appreciate the vote of confidence all the citizens of Bristol put in me," he told us.

Jim Steele is the incumbent who voters re-elected. "I think it's great that the people put confidence in me again," he said.

Some of the newly-elected councilmen tell us the biggest concern they've heard from the voters is The Falls development. "The millions and millions of dollars that are going to be involved in the project, they really don't know what Bristol's participation is. They assume the whole thing. Well, it's not the case," says Hubbard. 

Hubbard and Hartley tell us many voters express communication issues surrounding The Falls development. "At this point, we need to make sure it's as successful as possible so that we can get a good return on our investment. We need to make sure it is successful and brings revenue into the city," adds Hartley.

Councilman Jim Steele tells us he will work to make sure The Falls is a success. "The way I looked at it, the more business we put in here in the city, the more money we'll make. This project out there still yet, I will say that it will be great," he said.

All three men say they will address housing issues, get more help for the homeless, and create more jobs.

Steele, Hartley, and Hubbard tell us they are honored and excited to serve the people in Bristol.    

The two incumbents that lost were Ed Harlow and Don Ashley.

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