New development progressing on schedule

An inside look at the new Bass Pro Shops

BRISTOL, Tenn. - We're now fewer than two months away from the grand opening of a major retail facility in our area.

Wednesday, we got an inside look at Bass Pro Shops in the Pinnacle development in Bristol, Tennessee.
We learned from the general manager that they're working hard to fit in.

Wildlife you'd see in this area is now part of the décor at bass pro shops.

"They kind of look at the species from the market area and the landscape," said Bass Pro Shops general manager Jeff Hall. They come in here and just start looking at different elements and walls and they start putting up that Eastern Tennessee image into the store."

General manager Jeff Hall says even the boards from one of the displays are from an actual barn sitting right on the Pinnacle property.

Also, some of the antiques are from State Street.

"They actually went to downtown Bristol," said Hall. "They bought some of the old antique furniture and antique desks. So when you come in the store you're going to be able to see that on display."

Some of the art is actually recycled materials.

"And this pipe insulation is taken off of what's being shipped in here, so it's part of our shipping product and then they'll turn it into coral in the store."

And in the last few days there have been signs of what's still ahead for the Pinnacle.

"You see the Belk steele is up and the junior anchors, theater and ships will start coming out of the ground here in the next couple of weeks as well for a spring of 2015 opening," said developer Steve Johnson.

Meanwhile, back at Bass Pro Shops they're hoping customers come for more than just the shopping.

"We're going to have a restaurant that has a 12-lane bowling alley it it," said Hall. "So it's going to simulate being under the sea, it's an underwater theme."}

The official opening date for Bass Pro Shops is scheduled for August 20th.

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