New details: Dog released three days before second attack

Dog released three days before second attack

BRISTOL, Va. - We're learning new facts about a pit bull that viciously attacked a mom and her six-year-old daughter.

It turns out that wasn't the first time the dog turned on children.

After the first attack the dog was locked up, but then released back to its owner three days before attacking Lisa Manis and her daughter at Moore Street Park. Click here to read more about that attack.

The dog's owner left the animal with 37-year-old Damon Lamont Alexander and 28-year-old Amanda Leigh Wilson, both from Bristol, Virginia.

Lisa Manis offered to take the dog for a walk in the park last Friday. "[Alexander and Wilson] let Ms. Manis take the dog. They didn't advise her of the dog being vicious and didn't advise her of the previous attack that occurred," said Bristol, Virginia Police Captain Maynard Ratcliff. Alexander and Wilson were charged for not providing that information -- click here to read more.

We've learned the pit bull, named "Hitler", first attacked Alexander's two children in Sullivan County on May 25. That resulted in a check of the dog's vaccination records.  

Hitler was brought to the Sullivan County Animal Shelter because he was not up-to-date on his rabies vaccination. "He was kept in quarantine in our holding area for the 10 days. Of course we fed and watered him and all, but there was no actual hands-on contact with him since he was a bite case," says Sullivan County Animal Center Director Stephanie Surber.

Surber tells us the dogs are kept for 10 days to look for signs of rabies. "If they have already been affected with the rabies virus, then in those 10 days they'll start to show symptoms," adds Surber.

If the dogs show no symptoms, they're released. "The health department comes and actually physically looks at the dog and makes sure it's not sick, then releases it," says Surber.

Once the health department gives the word, the owners can choose to take the dog home and that's what "Hitler's" owners did.

After the second attack, "Hitler's" owners had him euthanized.

We've learned not all dogs released from the animal center will attack again because the first time they may have been provoked.

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