Neighbors worry about nearby business

ABINGDON, Va. -      Some Abingdon, Virginia residents are voicing their concerns over a new neighbor.

     The town says MXI Corporation is using a facility on the corner of Stone Mill Road and Lowry Road as a storage building.  Assistant Town Manager for Abingdon Garrett Jackson tells News 5 the only chemicals that will be stored there are containers of beer and wine.  Jackson says they are not concerned about how MXI is using the warehouse, and that the Department of Environmental Quality has also been contacted to make sure everything is safe.  Jackson also says MXI plans to clean up the property. 

     Residents close by say they still have their concerns.   They're concerned about how it's being regulated.

     Jackson says MXI is only using about 5% of the building.  He says no manufacturing will be taking place.

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