Neighbor speaks out about dog attack

Witness describes dog attack

BRISTOL, Va. - A dog attack in Bristol Virginia leaves a mother and her 6 year-old child recovering tonight. The attack happened Friday afternoon at Moore Street Park.

The park is usually filled with kids laughing and playing, but Friday it was filled with screams. "We all came running but you're almost paralyzed as what to do with this dog," said neighbor Brenda Otis, who witnessed the incident.

Otis' describes to News 5 what she heard as Lisa Manis and her daughter were being attacked by a dog they brought with them to the park, "There was a dog on this woman and she was just rolling all over the ground. It was just absolutely mauling her," says Otis.

Otis tells us when she got outside she saw someone laying underneath swings; that's when she ran inside and called for help. "I ran back out here and was screaming to the lady that help is on the way. To still hear her just keep begging for someone to get the dog off her was just really emotional, and not knowing what to do to get the dog off her was really hard for me," adds Otis.

As they waited for police to arrive, Otis and another woman tried to figure out how to get the dog off Manis. They grabbed an umbrella and handed it to two men running up to help. "We screamed at them to take the umbrella and start beating the dog. That's what distracted the dog and got the dog off her so the second fellow could actually pull the dog away from her," says Otis.

The second man who came to the rescue knew the dog's owner and the dog. He pulled the pitbull to the sidewalk until help arrived. "If those two men had not come in the park when they did I don't know how long it would have taken to get the dog off her. They were the ones that really saved her," says Otis.

Otis says she learned a valuable lesson to be careful around dogs she doesn't know very well because you don't know how they will respond to you.

News 5 learned as of now nobody is facing any charges.

The dog's owner gave consent to have the dog euthanized immediately.

We've also learned Manis was discharged from the hospital Saturday afternoon.

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