Needy people come from hours away for free health care

BRISTOL, Tenn. - A group of family and friends is pitching a tent and getting ready to camp out to be some of the first in line for the Remote Area Medical Clinic at Bristol Motor Speedway on Saturday.
"[We've got] food and chairs, and we brought barbeque so we can fix food and everything while we're here. [We'll play] board games. We're set," patient Sherry Hensley says about their items they brought along.

Each patient is at BMS for different reasons. "Mostly we're here for all of it. Dental, medical, everything," Hensley continues.

"My husband has stage four cancer. They took him off of chemo so he can't get help [anywhere] so he's here hopefully to at least get glasses," her friend Lori Chapman tells us.

We also met the Coffman family, who drove seven hours to get here all the way from Lincoln, Kentucky. They say a friend told them about the RAM event. "I'm bringing my wife down here to have some dental work done," William Coffman explained.

But it's not just the patients traveling far from home to be at the speedway. News 5 met a group of volunteers who flew all the way from Rhode Island and Massachusetts; we learned this is the second year they've been to Bristol to help with RAM.

Optometrist volunteer Carl Sakovitz says he's back for a reason. "It's so rewarding and touching, the people who come here are just so grateful. So we're back!" he said.

The clinic runs Friday through Sunday.

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