National Weather Service confirms tornado

SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. - The National Weather Service surveyed the storm damage today to make an assessment; did a tornado hit or straight-line winds?

"Different storms have a different kind of footprint," said George Mathews with the National Weather Service. Mathews says they gathered data in Rock Springs, Tennessee to make a determination.

"A tornado is spiraling, sucking everything in toward the middle," said Mathews. "A microburst is kind of splatting on the ground, it is spraying outward."

Sometimes they find other evidence that makes that assessment much easier.

"Certainly video evidence is one great clue," said Mathews. "It can be pretty obvious for a particular location if you have verifying tornado video or something like that."

News 5 received video that we shared with Mathews. He said it showed a lot of real time data and helped in him determine that it was an EF-1 tornado that hit the Rock Springs and Cox Hollow Road area in Sullivan County.

Leslie Kendrick's home was destroyed by Sunday's storm. She was driving home and saw the tornado.

"Whenever I topped that hill, you can see my house from right there," said Kendrick. "I looked and it was completely gone. I drove here and we were completely devastated."

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