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Hannah Graham missing Virginia student

University of Virginia student missing after party

University of Virginia student Hannah Graham is still missing three days after she vanished following a party on campus.

Weed, California wildfire

Wildfire engulfs Northern California town

The small town of Weed, California, has -- quite literally -- gone up in flames due to a raging wildfire.

Drive-through funeral window

Funeral home offers drive-through visitation

A Michigan funeral home is offering an alternative to a traditional visitation: a drive-through viewing.

Same-sex couple weds after 72 years

Same-sex couple weds after 72 years together

Now in their 90s, two Iowa women who have been a couple for 72 years finally tie the knot.

Undecided voters in Scotland

Undecided voters still wavering on Scottish independence

As Scotland's independence referendum approaches, undecided voters could decide the outcome.

Corporal punishment in Texas

Corporal punishment still allowed in some Texas schools

In light of football player Adrian Peterson's arrest, corporal punishment has become a hot topic. In some places in Texas, it's still allowed in schools if the parent signs off on it.


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Family at the beach, sunset

Best places to live in 2015

Good schools? Affordability? Lots to do? These best places to live in 2015 have it all.

Playboy party schools

Playboy's Top 10 party schools of 2014

Playboy magazine's annual list of party schools is out. Did your alma mater make the list?

College lecture hall

Colleges that bring in the highest paycheck

Graduates with bachelor's degrees from certain U.S. colleges earn some of the highest salaries in the country, according to Payscale. Find out which colleges will get you paid the most.

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