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  • Syrian Kurds battle ISIS

    ISIS fighters: Strikes drove us from Kobani

    Two purported ISIS fighters interviewed for a news agency working in ISIS-held territory have given the same reason for the militants' retreat from the Syrian city of Kobani: the constant pummeling by coalition airstrikes.

    On Monday, Kurdish fighters ...



Convent rents rooms to Super Bowl fans

Convent rents rooms to Super Bowl fans

Many Seahawks and Patriots fans will be praying for a Super Bowl win this Sunday, and for those having trouble finding lodging, a Phoenix convent is renting rooms.


FBI official says no credible threats ahead of Super Bowl

FBI counter-terrorism official Michael Steinbach says there has been an increase in chatter online but "no credible" threats have cropped up in advance of the Super Bowl, which will be played Sunday in Phoenix.


Oregon man says owl hit his head twice

Ron Jaecks of Salem says he was jogging when an owl swooped down and struck him on the head twice. Other people in the area also have reported being attacked by an owl.

Dog has a pit bull's head and dachshund's short legs

Unusual dachshund-pit bull mix found in Georgia

A Georgia man found an unusual mixed-breed dog in his backyard. It has a pit bull's head but the short, elongated body of a dachshund.


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tax forms with pen, calculator, taxes

IRS daily tax tips

As tax season begins, the IRS warns taxpayers to be on high alert for common scams. Here is a collection of tax tips released daily by the IRS:


12 surprising airline secrets


More than 100 people were inside Cuajimalpa Maternal Hospital when the blast occurred at about 7 a.m. on Thursday, minutes after a hose burst on a truck supplying gas to the building. Paramedics carried bloodied victims on stretchers.

Maternity explosion in Mexico leaves 3 dead

A gas explosion at a maternity hospital in Mexico claimed three lives and injured many more.

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