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  • Weather NY bridge

    A reason to give thanks: Nasty storm's gone

    It was a hellish holiday travel night Wednesday, with hundreds of flights canceled and thousands delayed by a punishing nor'easter.

    But the silver lining for Thanksgiving Day? The storms are leaving and conditions should return to normal.

    Maine, Verm...



police chase bikers

Motorcyclists go wild while police preoccupied

A six-minute video shows motorcyclists in L.A. doing wheelies as a police car chases them.

Michael Brown parents

Michael Brown's parents speak

Protests continue as Michael Brown's parents speak about the grand jury decision.

Obama pardons turkey 2014

Obama pardons Thanksgiving turkey

Following tradition, President Barack Obama pardoned the Thanksgiving turkey today at the White House.

Missing autistic boy Arkansas

Autistic 3-year-old missing in Arkansas

Police and volunteers enter day three of a desperate search for an autistic 3-year-old missing in Arkansas.

Ferguson protests NYC

Ferguson protests spread coast to coast

The sparks of outrage that started in Ferguson, Missouri, have ignited a firestorm of protests across the country.

Ferguson prosecutor Bob McCulloch

Ferguson prosecutor faces backlash

In the wake of the Ferguson grand jury decision, focus is shifting back to the prosecutor in the case.


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feet on diet scale weight loss

20 easy ways to burn 100 calories

Need to work off that Thanksgiving dinner? Check out Self magazine's list of easy ways to burn 100 calories.


Tips for braving stormy holiday travel

A storm is set to dump rain and snow across most of the eastern U.S. -- just in time to wreak havoc on Thanksgiving travel. Follow these tips from CNN for (hopefully) calm travels this holiday.

Holiday foods to keep away from pets

The holidays are all about food, but there are some goodies you need to keep away from pets.

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