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  • Irish await outcome of referendum

    Reports: Ireland votes to legalize same-sex marriage

    Early indications are that Ireland has voted in favor of same-sex marriage, Irish media reported Saturday, as the process of counting votes in the landmark referendum continues.

    If passed, it would make Ireland the first country in the world to legal...



Irish await outcome of referendum

Irish exhibit enthusiasm ahead of same-sex marriage vote

Irish voters are awaiting the outcome of a referendum to decide whether same-sex marriage should be made legal.

Pilot ejects safely

Navy training jet winds up all wet

A Navy pilot ejected safely but his aircraft wound up in San Diego Bay after overshooting a runway.

Birds and marine animals covered in oil

Efforts continue to save wildlife caught in oil spill

Crews are working to clean up the oil spill off the California coast that has coated beaches and wildlife.

Joint chiefs chair sings

Joint chiefs chair breaks out in song

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey sings at a military event.

DC suspect charged

Did DC suspect have help?

According to court documents, prosecutors believe the suspect in the killings of four people in Washington, D.C., did not pull it off on his own.

Obama at synagogue

Obama: Israel has 'right to thrive'

President Barack Obama speaks at a synagogue Friday just before he signs a bill into law that gives Congress the right to review and Iran nuclear deal.


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7 pains - chest pain

7 pains men should never ignore

Men's Health has a list of seven pains that may signify something serious for men.

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, Mosul, Iraq

Who is ISIS?

ISIS forces have extended their control around the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra. The capture of Syria's ancient city, about 150 miles northeast of Damascus, threatens a UNESCO World Heritage Site described as having "stood at the crossroads of several civilizations," Learn more about the group.

Test your Memorial Day knowledge

Test your knowledge of Memorial Day facts and see how well you know the holiday in this slideshow.

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