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  • Richard Matt

    Report: Matt wrote his daughter he'd see her

    When Richard Matt broke out of prison, he was looking forward to seeing his daughter. "I always promised you I would see you on the outside," he wrote to her in a letter.

    She received it in the mail three days after he and fellow inmate David Sweat es...




Texas courthouse is Ground Zero in marriage debate

It has been less than a week since the Supreme Court made marriage equality a reality in all 50 states, but you wouldn't know it in at least one Texas county where one county clerk says she won't issue licenses to same-sex couples.

Venus Jupiter thunderstorm

Venus, Jupiter and a thunderstorm

A photographer snaps a shot of Venus, Jupiter and a thunderstorm lit up by lightning over the skies of Orlando, Florida.

Mountain Dew robbery

Suspect uses Mountain Dew to rob mini-mart

A man uses Mountain Dew to rob a convenience store in California.

DC Navy Yard police presence

Washington Navy Yard on lockdown

Washington, D.C.'s Navy Yard facility is under lockdown Thursday morning, according to a tweet from the U.S. Navy.

Doug died second

Simplest obituary: ‘Doug died’

A North Dakota man pulls off one last joke with his own obituary.

Airline collusion allegation

Did airlines work to keep fares high?

The Department of Justice is now investigating whether several major airlines unlawfully coordinated to limit the number of available seats and colluded to keep fares high.

Bridge selfie

Bridge selfie raises concerns in NYC

David Karnauch of Tennessee climbed onto cables on a bridge between Manhattan and Brooklyn and took a selfie. This has raised concerns over security in NYC over the holiday weekend.

Mississippi flag

SCLC joins fight against Confederate flag

The Southern Christian Leadership Conference, first led by Martin Luther King, Jr., is joining the fight to get the Confederate battle emblem removed from Mississippi’s state flag.

fireworks PTSD

Fireworks cause issues for veterans with PTSD

The fireworks we've all been hearing as we approach the Fourth of July may be fun for kids, but they can be deeply disturbing for many veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

11-year-old arrested over toy gun

11-year-old arrested for playing with toy gun

While Illinois authorities say they were justified in arresting an 11-year-old boy for playing with a toy gun, his family tells a different story.


Pictures In The News

Jim Webb, June 2015

Who's running and who could run in 2016?

Former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb announced his campaign for president Thursday, becoming the fifth Democrat to join the primary contest. Find out who else is running and who some of the other possible candidates are.

Greece ATM with note

Crisis in Greece: What to know

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is urging a "no" vote in a July 5 referendum on whether to accept a bailout offer from Europe and the International Monetary Fund. Take a look at the latest developments in the Greece financial crisis and how it's affecting the United States.

Oil platform in Gulf of Mexico catches fire

History's 10 worst oil disasters

BP has reached a historic agreement with five Gulf States to settle the claims made against the company from a massive oil spill in 2010. Take a look back at history's worst oil disasters.

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