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Congressman vaping

US representative vapes during hearing

Congressman Duncan Hunter vapes during a Capitol Hill hearing on whether to ban vaping on planes.

John Lewis Hillary use this one

Lewis on Sanders: Never met him

Democratic Rep. John Lewis on Thursday questioned the extent of Bernie Sanders' participation in the civil rights movement.

WWII sweethearts

WWII vet reunites with love after 70 years

A World War II veteran flies to Australia to be reunited with the woman he fell in love with 70 years ago.

birthday balloons

Happy Birthday lawsuit settled

The lawsuit over the Happy Birthday song was settled this week, sending the iconic song into the public domain.

Richard F. Horvath

Cleveland withdraws bill, apologizes to Rice family

A representative for the City of Cleveland apologized to Tamir Rice's family after sending them an ambulance service billing for $500.

Wildlife refuge

Ore. wildlife occupation may come to end

The armed occupiers of a wildlife refuge in Oregon say they will turn themselves in Thursday, hours after federal agents arrested Cliven Bundy, the father of protest leader Ammon Bundy.

gravitational wave graphic

Gravitational waves: the 'holy grail' of physics

A look at gravitational waves and why they're considered to be the "Holy Grail" of modern physics.


Clinton, Sanders face off Thursday night

As primary season moves into full swing, Democratic presidential contenders Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton prepare to face off Thursday night before voters in Wisconsin. Both candidates want to shore up or consolidate support among African-American voters ahead of the primary in South Carolina.

Barber 1

Woman pulls gun over haircut dispute

San Diego police say a woman angry over her haircut tried to shoot a barber three times but her weapon malfunctioned.


Hollywood Minute: ‘Deadpool’ doubles up

Even before ‘Deadpool’ hits theaters Friday, Fox appears sure the R-rated action comedy will be a hit. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the studio has already green-lighted a sequel to the Ryan Reynolds romp and the writers are working on the follow-up.


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Wildlife refuge

Oregon armed protesters: What to know

A 41-day occupation at a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon ended Thursday when the four remaining protesters surrendered to authorities. Here is what to you need to know about the group.

Titanic II

Titanic II: A look inside

The new Titanic II will be practically identical to the original luxury liner, which famously sank in April 1912 after striking an iceberg on its maiden voyage. Here's a look inside the ocean liner, which is slated to sail in 2018.

Couple holding hands

Best American cities for Valentine's Day

Some cities are just more romantic than others, but which U.S. cities provide the best chance for some Valentine's Day romance without breaking the bank?

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