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  • Ukraine army serviceman

    Ukraine prepares to defend port city

    The Ukrainian military worked to fortify the port city of Mariupol after Russian intelligence groups were observed there, Col. Andriy Lysenko, spokesman for the Ukrainian National Defense and Security Council, said Saturday.

    A CNN team saw Ukrainian f...



Tony Stewart returns to race track

Stewart returns to racing after deadly crash

NASCAR driver Tony Stewart is returning to the race track Sunday for the first time after hitting and killing fellow driver Kevin Ward during a race three weeks ago.

Joan Rivers in hospital

Joan Rivers hospitalized

Comedy legend Joan Rivers remains in serious condition after suffering cardiac arrest on Thursday. A fan who saw the comedian performing just the night before is shocked, saying she looked completely healthy.

Part of Texas abortion law overturned

Part of Texas abortion law overturned

A federal judge ruled Friday it is unconstitutional to force abortion clinics to become surgical centers in the state of Texas, effectively throwing out a key component of an anti-abortion law that would have forced the closure of a number of facilities.

Ezell Ford

Police shoot, kill unarmed black man in Los Angeles

Another family and community is mourning the loss of yet another unarmed young black man. Ezell Ford, 25, of Los Angeles, was killed by police just two days after Michael Brown was shot dead in Missouri.

Women in ISIS

More women seen participating in ISIS campaigns

As ISIS tightens its grip on stretches of Iraq and Syria, women are playing an active role in enforcing its rule. There's at least one group of women -- called the “al-Khansaa Brigade” -- which operates in the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa, Syria. Experts say women join because of personal security and small salaries.

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

Virginia boy suffers through tick-borne disease

Doctors say 3-year-old Rylee Murphy of Hampton, Virginia, contracted Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, a potentially deadly disease, from a tick bite. He spent five days in the hospital.


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Obama statement on ISIS and Ukraine

White House fashion faux pas

The snark sparked by President Barack Obama's tan suit has exploded across social media. But it's far from the first White House fashion statement to raise eyebrows.

road trip, traveling in car, driving

8 great Labor Day weekend getaways

Looking for a last-minute trip this Labor Day weekend? Check out these eight great (and budget-friendly) getaways.

Hello Kitty float

Peek inside the weird world of Hello Kitty

Japanese comic company Sanrio, the creator of Hello Kitty and Friends, recently dropped a bombshell on Hello Kitty's fans by revealing that she is not, in fact, a kitty, but rather a perpetual third-grade girl named Kitty White, the daughter of George and Mary White, who lives just outside of London, England. Take a look inside the weird world of the international phenomenon.

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