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  • Clinton Kaine campaign base

    Clinton bus tour looks for inroads with GOP

    Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine are on a three-day, 600-mile bus tour through right-leaning Rust Belt counties, with at least a partial goal of winning over some Republicans who are put off by Donald Trump.



blind_facebook_engineer copy

Facebook hires its first blind engineer

Facebook's first blind engineer, Matt King, helps make the site easier to navigate for the visually impaired.

Cupcake rescued

Firefighters rescue horse stuck in mud

The Technical Rescue Team with Colorado South Metro Fire Rescue is all too familiar with saving people in unusual situations. Thanks to social media, they'll likely be talking about the time they were called to rescue Cupcake, a 13-year-old horse, for a long time to come.


Ohio man creates karate class for the disabled

An Ohio man with spina bifida created and teaches a karate class for the disabled.

Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton

The friendship of Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton

The daughters of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have a lot in common and they have been friends for a long time.

Thieves save German Sheppard

Thieves break into truck, save dog locked inside

A group of people broke into a truck in Chicago to steal a laptop, but in doing so, they saved a dog locked inside.  Police have not commented on it, according to WGN TV.

Clinton Trump CNN video

How would nominees handle terror attacks?

FBI Director James Comey says we could see more terror attacks like the ones in France, Brussels and San Bernardino. It begs the question: how will the next commander-in-chief handle it?

Teen struck by lightning

Teen recording storm video gets struck by lightning

Ethan Riozzi-Bodine was capturing video of a storm over the Jersey Shore when he felt a jolt.

Clinton nomination PKG

Hillary Clinton formally accepts nomination for president

After being introduced by her daughter Chelsea Clinton, Hillary Clinton formally accepted the Democratic Party's nomination for president.

Hillary talks family

Hillary Clinton thanks family during DNC speech

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton thanked her daughter Chelsea and husband Bill and joked she's "even gotten a few words in along the way."

Clinton on 2nd Ammendment

Clinton: 'I'm not here to take away your guns'

Hillary Clinton brought up the Second Amendment in her acceptance speech and said she wants to find common ground.


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Piggy bank, graduation, college savings

Tips for college for freshman on a budget

With students heading back to school or campus, it might be time to start thinking about money. U.S. News & World Report put together a list of "10 Money-Smart Ways Freshman Can Prepare for College." Click through to see the tips.

DNC Prep Inside Wells Fargo Center

Philadelphia hosts the 2016 Democratic National Convention

The City of Brotherly Love and the Wells Fargo Center play host to 2016 Democratic National Convention.

Lava flows into Pacific sized

Hawaii lava flow sizzles into Pacific

The Big Island of Hawaii is getting a little bigger as lava from the Kilauea Volcano flows into the Pacific Ocean. Take a look at images of this incredible natural phenomenon.

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