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  • Oil pump

    Saudi Arabia: We'll never cut oil production

    Saudi Arabia has a tough message for oil producers hurting from the price crash: We'll never cut our output.

    In an exclusive interview with CNN, Saudi oil minister Ali al-Naimi also said he wasn't conspiring to take out rival producers by driving dow...



OPEC ministers

OPEC content to wait out falling oil prices

Oil prices are falling fast. While that's good news for most consumers, it's proving problematic for oil producing nations. But that's not swaying the Arab countries who dominate the oil production cartel OPEC.

Brooklyn officer mourns

Leaders call for peace after NYPD slayings

Neighbors joined all New Yorkers in mourning the two NYPD officers slain in their patrol car Saturday. Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams asked organizers of recent demonstrations to put protests on hold until the officers can be buried in peace.

103 hole in one

103-year-old golfer hits hole in one

It might take most golfers a lifetime to hit a single hole-in-one. Gus Andreone hit his 8th ace on Wednesday and at 103, he’s the oldest ever to get one. He hit his first hole-in-one in 1939.

Ismaaiyl Brinsley

New details on NYPD shooting suspect

Police believe the suspect in the NYPD shootings also shot his girlfriend in Baltimore before traveling to New York.


On Camera: Christmas display uses 60K lights

A family in Poland decked out their home with more than 60,000 Christmas bulbs.

Kid rescued from kidnapper

Police: 2-year-old rescued from abductor

Police say someone spotted the subjects of an Amber Alert and called 911, which led to the dramatic rescue of Alex Almodovar, 2.


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Denver Christmas lights blurb

Top holiday lights destinations

From dazzling Disney displays to brilliant boat parades, these top holiday lights destinations are a spectacular way to ring in the season.

Time Person of Year Ebola fighters

Top honors of 2014

Who was named the most powerful person in the world this year? Who was the Sexiest Man Alive? Find out in this gallery of 2014's top honors.

What every state in the U.S. is worst at

According to Thrillist, every U.S. state is bad at something. Find out where your state falls short.

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