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  • Killer at large

    Tennessee police officer killed during traffic stop

    A manhunt is underway for a suspect who fatally shot a police officer during a traffic stop in Tennessee, authorities said Sunday.

    Officer Sean Bolton, 33, suffered multiple gunshot wounds during the incident in Memphis on Saturday night, police said...



Chico Calif on fire

California facing more fire dangers

Threats of dry thunderstorms will continue in California through the weekend, elevating fire dangers, especially in the northern part of the state, where officials posted red flag warnings.

Plane part in Paris

Plane debris arrives at Paris airport

A plane carrying debris found in the western Indian Ocean that many say is consistent with missing Flight MH370 arrives at a Paris airport.

Girl, 5, gets to dress as princess for special birthday

Oregon girl with terminal cancer gets birthday ball

An Oregon girl was feted with a princess ball for her fifth birthday as she fights terminal cancer.

Plane part to be examined in France

Debris found in Indian Ocean may be from MH370

A piece of an aircraft found washed up on shore in the Indian Ocean will be examined in France to determine whether it is part of missing Malaysian Flight 370 as authorities suspect.

Rocky Fire video

California is on fire

Some 8,000 firefighters are trying to contain 18 large wildfires across California, from San Diego County up to the northernmost part of the state, according to Cal Fire.

MH370 vulnerability 2

Questions about security vulnerability on MH370

Theories still abound as to what brought down MH370, but could it have involved a security vulnerability?

Train car hits station

Caught on Camera: Runaway train car

A train car slams into a train station after authorities say a 13-year-old got access to it, and the whole thing is caught on camera.

Tom Crusie July 2015

Cruise not done making 'Mission Impossible' movies

As the fifth installment of the "Mission Impossible" series opens, Tom Cruise says he plans to make a sixth film.

reunion beach MH370

Confidence grows that Reunion Island wreckage is from Boeing 777

The wreckage found on Reunion Island could be from MH370.

Pryor murders

Good Samaritans killed in Montana

Law enforcement says Tana and Jason Shane, Jr., were shot and killed Wednesday morning by 18-year old Jesus Deniz Mendoza while helping him after he had run out of gas. The couple’s 18-year-old daughter, who has not been identified, was wounded.


Pictures In The News

Rowdy Roddy Piper

Notable deaths of 2015

Here is a list of some of the notable public figures, athletes, musicians, artists and actors we've lost in 2015.

Island plane parts 4

Confidence grows that piece of Flight 370 found

Debris found in the western Indian Ocean on Wednesday appears to be part of a Boeing 777.

Jen Welter, Arizona Cardinals news conference

Famous female trailblazers in sports

Jen Welter, who made history this week by becoming the first woman to hold a coaching position in the NFL, is only the latest woman to blaze a trail in the world of sports. Click on for some others.

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