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  • ISIS flag

    ISIS video shows execution of 25 men

    A just-released video from ISIS shows militants executing 25 captives in the ruins of a Roman amphitheater in the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra.



Organ donation

3-year-old helps others live through organ donation

A young cancer patient's organs are helping two children battle their own illnesses.

Suspected shooter avoided deportation

San Francisco pier slaying victim's family speaks out

The father of a woman shot to death on a San Francisco pier says her killer was "evil personified."

Keep eye out for terrorists, be careful with fireworks

Federal government issues Independence Day warnings

Federal officials warn people to keep eye out for terrorist activity and to be careful around fireworks this Fourth of July holiday weekend.

1 dead, 2 injured

Medical helicopter crashes in Frisco, Colorado

A medical helicopter crashed shortly after takeoff and burst into flames, killing the pilot and injuring two crew members.

Shark tips kayak

Shark flips fisherman out of kayak

A Florida angler was close to becoming a shark's lunch after it flipped the fisherman over in his kayak in the middle of the ocean.

Shark caught off NC

Large shark caught off NC coast

A fisherman hooks a 6-foot shark off the coast of North Carolina.

Dummies vs fireworks

Fireworks safety good for everyone but dummies

Dummies take one for the team to demonstrate how not to use fireworks ahead of July Fourth holiday.

Barack Obama at rally

President Obama is having a really good month

In the waning years of his presidency, President Barack Obama has had an incredible month of victories.

Holiday prep

Government braces for holiday weekend

The holiday weekend brings tighter security across the country. Federal agencies are warning about the possibility of an attack this weekend although there is no specific threat.

Obama economy

Obama presides over economic recovery

The latest jobs report is out and June's unemployment rate fell to 5.3%, the lowest it’s been since early 2008. President Obama commented on the report Thursday in Wisconsin.


Pictures In The News

Jim Webb, June 2015

Who's running and who could run in 2016?

Former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb announced his campaign for president Thursday, becoming the fifth Democrat to join the primary contest. Find out who else is running and who some of the other possible candidates are.

Greece ATM with note

Crisis in Greece: What to know

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is urging a "no" vote in a July 5 referendum on whether to accept a bailout offer from Europe and the International Monetary Fund. Take a look at the latest developments in the Greece financial crisis and how it's affecting the United States.

Oil platform in Gulf of Mexico catches fire

History's 10 worst oil disasters

BP has reached a historic agreement with five Gulf States to settle the claims made against the company from a massive oil spill in 2010. Take a look back at history's worst oil disasters.

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