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  • NYSE file

    U.S. stocks set for bumpy end to a wild week

    TGIF! Yes, really.

    After some of the wildest days on markets in recent memory, the weekend can't come soon enough for many. Panicked selling Monday and Tuesday gave way to a scramble to buy Wednesday and Thursday.

    And there could be a sting in the ta...



Seinfeld lemonade stand

Rule Nazis tell Seinfeld kids ‘No lemonade stand for you!’

A neighbor complains and a neighborhood lemonade stand is shut down by police. If you think it sounds like a sitcom, you're not far off -- Jerry Seinfeld is part of the story.

Earl Grey for PM

Cat makes a run at Canadian Prime Minister’s job

Earl Grey is asking for votes to become the next prime minister of Canada. His supporters worry that his political base – pets – can’t vote.


California State Auditor finds $4 million in waste

The California State Auditor has found more than $4 million in waste at more than half a dozen state agencies.

Alison Parker's boyfriend

Shooting victim’s boyfriend gives emotional interview

Chris Hurst, Alison Parker’s boyfriend, reacts to her death in a CNN interview.

Katrina 10 years later

Katrina: 10 years later

It's been 10 years since Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans. A look at the city then and now.

Flanagan firing

Station GM: Flanagan 'was going to make a stink'

WDBJ-TV President and General Manager Jeff Marks describes circumstances of shooter Vester Flanagan's firing.

vester flanagan on-air

Va. news station mourns death of journalists

Family and friends speak out in the wake of the shooting deaths of two Virginia journalists.

Miyuki Harwood

Search is on for California woman missing for a week

Though Miyuki Harwood has been missing for almost a week, search and rescue teams from Fresno County are only now stepping up their search for her. Taking advantage of clear skies, they are flying more searchers into Horsehead Lake, where Harwood was last seen.

Harrison Lee Riley

Woman, officer dead in Louisiana standoff

Police in Louisiana say a man killed a police officer with the officer’s own gun after stabbing three women -- including his wife. The officer and a woman are now dead.

Sunset police cars

Killings shock small town of Sunset, Louisiana

The events in which two people, including a police officer, were killed in Sunset, Louisiana, have left the town shocked and saddened.


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boxer dog in silhouette

Top 10 dog names in the U.S. has released its list of most popular dog names, based on data from 69,000 neighborhoods signed up on the site. Check out the most popular dog names in the United States!

Darryl Dawkins

Notable deaths of 2015

Here is a list of some of the notable public figures, athletes, musicians, artists and actors we've lost in 2015.


Timeline: Reporter and photographer killed on live TV

Authorities say a gunman shot three people, slaying a reporter and a photographer during a live shot, before shooting himself on Wednesday. Here is a timeline of what happened.

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