The International Space Station flying above us up in space has long been known for its accessibility for scientists for experiments.

It's not just for scientists alone -- some Wise County students will have their experiment on board following a launch from Virginia's Wallops Island next week.

It all began when Russell County students became the first school in Virginia to send an experiment into space aboard the space station. Part of their experiment worked and part of it didn't.

J.I Burton senior Kevin Vanness is a part of the newest project. "We wouldn't have really had the opportunity unless the experiment went wrong on the ISS last year because the astronauts did not activate one of the experiments right," he said. "They didn't break a section of it."

J.W. Wharton is working on the project as well. "With the Wise County experiment we're testing casing in protein. We're determining whether it denatures more in a micro-gravity environment compared to that in earth's environment," he said.

The two Burton students, along with two students from Eastside High School in Wise County, will watch the launch from Wallops Island next Wednesday.