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Best & worst things to buy in June

POSTED: 11:42 AM Jun 03 2013   UPDATED: 10:28 AM Jun 03 2014

Which items should you buy in June, and which sales should you keep waiting for?

June Buys - Generic
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Which items should you buy in June, and which sales should you keep waiting for? Take a look at this list from dealnews.com and RetailMeNot of good and bad June buys to help you find this month’s best deals.

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House and keys

Couple's new home burns as they sign deed

A Pennsylvania couple feared the vacant next-door house would burn down, and they turned out to be right -- the house burned as they were signing a purchase deed.

Generic Clock

Teacher says breakfast made him late to school 111 times

An elementary school teacher says eating breakfast caused him to be late for work 111 times.

Nitama, Kishi Station's new cat stationmaster

Meet Nitama, Japan's new cat stationmaster

It's one of the most closely guarded succession plans outside of North Korea: Who will replace Tama?

Japan's cute cat stationmaster passed away earlier this year, leaving a kitty-shaped hole in the country's heart and its 27,000 kilometer-long railway...

Empty airport security line, Hurricane Sandy

Airline passenger chugs bottle of cognac at security gate

An air traveler in China chugged an entire bottle of pricey cognac before attempting to board her flight in Beijing because security wouldn't allow the bottle of booze on board.

Man bathroom

One man's waste is another's medicine

It's the middle of the day for Eric, a 24-year-old research assistant at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and nature is calling.


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