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  • Kmart

    Kmart workers fight against Black Friday creep

    Somebody has to work on Thanksgiving, and Kmart says it does its best to staff stores with volunteers that day. But hundreds of workers say that's not good enough.

    More than 600 employees have signed a petition asking that the store allow employees t...




doorstep package theft

Tech startup aims to stop doorstep package thefts

A San Francisco tech startup offers package delivery service to help stop doorstep thefts.

100-year-old on job 50 years

100-year-old woman marks 50 years on the job

A 100-year-old woman in Colorado has been on the job for more than 50 years. And she has no plans to slow down.

holiday gift shopping

Should you buy it now or later?

What's on your holiday gift list? CNN's Karin Caifa gets tips on what to buy now, and what to buy on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

SeaWorld saltwater bathrooms

SeaWorld gets saltwater bathrooms

SeaWorld in San Diego is getting saltwater bathrooms as California grapples with a historic drought.

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