Missing dog from Texas, found in Bristol, Tenn.

Missing dog from Texas, found in Bristol, Tenn.

BRISTOL, Tenn. - A stray dog is found on the streets of Bristol and it turns out, the pup is from Texas!

Nobody knows how the mini schnauzer got here. Paige Rogers of Bristol found the dog. She said she's no stranger to picking up strays. She's come across three in the past few months. But this case is so unusual because the dog is from so far away.

News 5 also talked to the owner who said she's never even been to Tennessee.

Snow White is a smart pup. And it turns out, she ran into just the right person.

"There was a car in front of me, and I see this little white dog shoot across," Paige Rogers said. "And I was like 'oh my goodness!'"

Rogers said she's used to stopping for stray dogs.

"I opened the door and said get in or you're going to stay, and she hopped right in," Rogers said.

She took Snow White to the vet to see if she had a microchip. And the scan revealed something Rogers did not expect. The dog's address was definitely not in a zip code around here.

"It was in Texas!" Rogers said. "If only she could talk! I'm like how did she get up here?"

Rogers found out Snow White's owner Melissa Born lives a thousand miles away in Lewisville, Texas.

News 5 was able to video chat with Born who said she's been in contact with Rogers 24/7 since getting the news.

"It's a lot more comforting knowing she's in good hands right now," Born said.

Born said Snow White got loose from their home, late December.

"She's been our world," Born said. "My kids were devastated to find out that she was missing. We posted flyers, we went out searching for her ourselves. We contacted all of the animal shelters within 50 miles."

And after going weeks without a response, Born said they started losing hope. So when she got the email from Rogers, she was shocked.

"All three of us were sitting at home crying because she had been found," Born said.

That makes for a happily ever after for this Snow White.

"Little dog, big journey - that's for sure," Rogers laughed.

Born said she has family in Nashville that will come to the Tri-Cities to pick up the pup this weekend.  Then she will drive to Nashville to meet them and finally be reunited with Snow White.

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