"Miracle Treat Day" at select local Dairy Queens

Children's Miracle Network gets a treat while some Dairy Queen customers treat themselves to a Blizzard.

It's called "Miracle Treat Day", and Children's Miracle Network, which is affiliated with Wellmont Health Systems, gets at least one dollar for every Blizzard sold at a local Dairy Queen on August 14th.

The money raised will be used to buy new equipment for the pediatric departments, neonatal intensive care units and others.

Abingdon Dairy Queen manager Troy Rose says the community really supports the effort.

"We do a lot of Blizzards everyday anyway, so when C.M.N. comes around we do usually a lot more, especially a lot of doctors offices, stuff like that, they do come and purchase a lot of Blizzards to help with that," said Rose

All the money collected from local Dairy Queens will stay in our region.


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