Meth Lab House Fire

SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. - Neighbors in one Kingsport neighborhood woke up to a major house fire Thursday


As the flames shot through the roof of the home neighbors say they saw the man who was living there leave in his car.


Angela Gilliam was just about to roll out of bed this morning when her cell phone rang and she was wide awake in an instant.


"It was the neighbor down here, he had done called 911," Gilliam said.  "And a little boy named Austin that was going to school, he knocked on the door and he said there was a fire.  So I went to the back deck and looked and it was blazing."


The man has been identified as 36-year-old Bret Wines.  Police tell me they found him after a tip lead them to a home on ridge road where they also took a female into custody.  They have quite a few questions.


"Based on some evidence found at the scene we believe it may have been caused by a meth lab," Sullivan County Sheriff's Department Spokesperson Leslie Earhart said.


What neighbors tell me has been going on around that residence for quite a while fits the pattern of exactly that.


"Since back in the summer we started noticing a lot of traffic coming in and out and not staying long.  Carrying things in and out at all times of the night," Gilliam added.



Wines was located later in the afternoon when a tip lead them to a home on Ridge Road.


When officers attempted to place wines under arrest he resisted and attempted to run. 


Officers were able to catch him a short time later.


Detectives are in the process of interviewing Wines as well as a female also found hiding in the home.


We're told charges are pending

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