Meth lab found in home after fire

BRISTOL, Va. - A fire destroys a Bristol, Va. home and crews called to the scene, say they discovered evidence of a meth lab.

The fire started at 2112 Lawrence Ave., around 11 p.m. on Saturday night.

"It scared me at first when I saw the flames," said Barbara Blackburn, a neighbor.

Blackburn lives across the street, only a few feet away from the home. She said by the time fire crews got there, the entire house was on fire.

"Coming out the front windows, the flames, the whole top was gone, and then we heard the glass breaking," she said.

The Bristol Virginia Fire Department  told News 5 that the extent of the fire caused some problems.

"We had a power line that fell shortly after we got on scene into the front yard," said Lieutenant Richard Thompson. "BVU was quick to get there, to disconnect the power to the pole."

Thompson said they also had to keep the fire from spreading next door.

"We were on scene for approximately three to four hours, putting out hot spots and investigating it," he told us.

We're told fire crews found evidence of a meth lab when they went inside the home.

"A one pot method, I'm not sure as to when that was actually cooked, and some other paraphernalia pretty much along the lines of a meth lab," said Thompson.

Across the street, Blackburn said she wasn't surprised.

"No, I thought it was going to come to this," she told us.

Blackburn said neighbors suspected there was a meth lab in the home for some time.  She told us she still thinks it's unfortunate this happened.

We're told fire crews are still unsure of who was living in the home. They said there was no on there when they got to the home.

Fire crews are still investigating the cause of fire.

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