Meth lab discovered near childcare center

POSTED: 5:57 PM Jun 07 2013   UPDATED: 9:49 PM Jun 07 2013

A tip to the Hawkins County Sheriff's Office led to a meth lab just a few hundred feet from a daycare center.

We learned that meth lab was in Bulls Gap off of Northridge Circle. It's a calm, quiet neighborhood where some parents drop their children off for daycare. "It’s a close community, very peaceful. Never had any problems like this before," said Discovery Days Childcare Director Connie Hodges.

Quiet turned loud as the Hawkins County Sheriff's Narcotics Unit showed up to a home where they were tipped off about a meth lab inside. "They got confessions, they've been making meth there and have been for quite some time," said Hawkins County Sheriff Ronnie Lawson.

We learned that's when police found a meth lab on the porch of the home. Police then arrested Donald Martin Rife and his live-in girlfriend Jessica Lynn Daniels. The meth lab was discovered in a home only 600 feet away from a child daycare center that's directly down the road.

The director tells News 5 it frustrates her someone would do something like that so close to children. "It does bother me that people have a lot of nerve to do something dangerous around children, knowing that there are children around," said Hodges.

Lawson tells News 5 what bothers him most is that the couple was dumping the parts they were done with throughout the neighborhood. "That made it even more difficult because those children in the neighborhood could pick up some of that stuff," said Lawson.

Hodges says she still feels safe in the neighborhood because things like this could happen anywhere. "I still feel pretty safe here. We're safe, we would protect the children with our lives," said Hodges.

Sheriff Lawson tells us as of Friday both Rife and Daniels are in the Hawkins County Jail on a $75,000 bond.

Hodges tells us she's happy everything happened in the afternoon and the kids didn't have to see the police at the home.