Meteorologist Testifies After Being Shot With Crossbow

A local weatherman spoke out for the first time in court on Tuesday. WJHL meteorologist Rob WIlliams took the stand to give his account of the events that led up to the attack.

As Williams took the stand, we learned that a few pieces of evidence were found that could possibly be linked to Gerald Taylor, who is accused of shooting Williams.

"I woke up and Mr. Taylor was standing in my room with a crossbow and 9mm gun," said Rob Williams.

A crossbow that Williams says Gerald Taylor bought off of Ebay.

"I was facing him between two and four feet. He just pulled the trigger and hit me," Williams said on the stand.

Williams then was able to retreat to the bathroom but was unable to unlock his phone to dial 911. That's when he heard a gunshot, which he later learned was pointed to the ground.

"Once I got out of the bathroom and then we start wrestling for the gun. I'm still trying to dial 911 at the same time and not having any luck," said Williams.

Williams testified in court today that after struggling for the gun he was then able to exit the house, where he then ran through several neighbor?s yards before he was able to call 911 for help. When EMS and police arrived on scene the arrow was still stuck inside Williams chest.

Taylor had been Williams' roommate for many years; they owned the home together. "You said that you were roommates but actually you were more than that, is that correct?? asked defense attorney Phillip Ratliff.

?Yes,? said Williams.

?You were in a relationship,? asked Ratliff.

?Yes,? responded Williams.

?How long had you been in that relationship?? asked Ratliff.

Williams responded with, ?Since approximately 1991."

Williams also said that several letters were found on the corner of Taylor's bed, describing funeral arrangements for Taylor. But that wasn't all, there were also Google searches on their shared computer like, "can an 80 pound crossbow kill someone" and "can a pillow be used as a silencer for a 9 millimeter gun."

After hearing the evidence the judge decided to proceed with the case. "The state has clearly made out a case for attempt of first degree murder. In this case Mr. Taylor will be bound over in all charges,? said sessions judge James Nidiffer.

Taylor will be appearing in court Wednesday for his order of protection and again on July 20 at 9 a.m. for criminal court.

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