Meet medical hero award winner Jon Ingle

Ingle is the latest honoree in the American Red Cross/WCYB Celebration of Heroes

Meet medical hero award winner Jon Ingle

BRISTOL, Tenn. - Saving lives -- it's always made Bristol,Tennessee Firefighter/Paramedic Jon Ingle tingle.

For his selfless efforts, Ingle is the medical hero award winner in the American Red Cross/WCYB Celebration of Heroes.

"I was really surprised when they called and told me I'd been nominated," Ingle said. "Then again when I found out I had won the award from such a great organization as the American Red Cross, who we work with a lot."

The number of lives Ingle has saved over the years would be hard to count. But the community has learned it can count on him for a second chance at life in many cases. "You get back a cardiac arrest or you get somebody to the hospital just in time to keep their stroke from debilitating them for the rest of their life," Ingle said. "It makes you feel good."

He's making a real difference in life and death, and all of this despite having to work 24-hour shifts.

"I've also got a one-year-old," Ingle said. "So sometimes if you don't get any sleep at home and come to work and don't get any sleep, you're a tired character."

He's a tireless servant giving back to his community, as well as a humble hero. "I've never really considered myself a hero," Ingle said. "But I feel like anybody that works in the public service area is a hero that comes out and serves the community on a daily basis, they're all heroes in my opinion."

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