Man speaks out about shooting that killed bounty hunter

David Cresong says he didn't know the bounty hunter

Bounty hunter shooting

BRISTOL, Tenn. - More than a month after a fight that ended with a bounty hunter being shot and killed, the other man involved is speaking out.

"I'm having a little anxiety, but trying to get better," said David Cresong, still shaken up a month after the shooting that left a bounty hunter dead. "I just people to know my side of the story."

Cresong said he had just come home around midnight on August 9 when he was approached by a stranger. "I didn't know him from anybody. I'd never seen him before," he said. "This man came running at me. He had his gun pulled and said 'I'm going to blow your head off.'"

Bristol, Tennessee Police said 32-year-old Joseph Scott Horne was in the trailer park trying to find a fugitive for a local bonding company and mistook Cresong to be that fugitive. "I looked down the gun barrel and he told me to get down on my knees," he said.

With the gun to his head, Cresong said that's when he knew he had to fight back. "I thought about my kids and my mom," he recalled. "I hit him in the side of the leg trying to break his leg."

Cresong said the two men started fighting and the gun went off. "He shot me once. It got me right here across the cheek. And I knew he meant business," he said. "I twisted [the gun] around on him. Then he shot himself."

Horne died on the scene. Cresong said he is still left with questions. "I want to know why it was me. Why? I haven't done anything to anybody," he said.

Police are investigating the shooting as a murder but said it could have been self-defense. No charges have been filed in the case.

Police are still waiting for Horne's autopsy results and hope to have it by November.

Horne was not an employee of the bonding company and did not have a valid handgun carry permit.

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