Man killed by falling tree during storm

No NWS warnings in effect during storm

ABINGDON, Va. - The following information was released by Tony Sullivan, chief of the Abingdon Police Department, Thursday afternoon.

"A pedestrian was struck and killed by a falling tree this afternoon in the 100 block of West Main Street in Abingdon. The incident took place at approximately 1:40 p.m. today, during a severe thunderstorm.

According to witnesses, the victim was parked on the south side of West Main Street and had opened the trunk of his car to retrieve an item.

The tree was located on the north side of the street and witnesses reported feeling strong winds associated with the storm, before hearing the crash of the tree.

The falling tree first struck a tan Mazda sedan that was parked, unoccupied, on the north shoulder of West Main Street. As the tree continued to fall south, across West Main Street, it struck the pedestrian, who was standing behind his white Buick.

The victim is identified as Seth Wilbert, 56 YOA, of Booneville, NY. Mr. Wilbert's mother was seated in the passenger seat of the vehicle when the tree fell; she did not sustain any injuries."

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