Man Hit By Car On Parkway

BRISTOL, Tenn. - A man was hit by a car while crossing a busy intersection. It happened just after one Saturday afternoon in Bristol, Tennessee.

Lights were flashing and traffic just wasn't the same on Volunteer Parkway early Saturday afternoon. "I saw the man rolling across the car hood and fall onto the pavement on the opposite side of the car. And I picked up the phone and called 911," said witness Bob Leonard.

Police aren't releasing the name of the victim, but say he was walking across the street when he was hit by a car and they're not sure why the driver didn't see the man. "It sounded awful, bones breaking, it was just a really loud pop," said another witness Hannah Hickman.

Hickman was driving down the Parkway and saw the whole thing. "I hit the brakes, I put it in park and I got out of the car. I was terrified, I wanted him to be OK," she said.

Paramedics rushed the man to Bristol Regional Medical Center with only minor injuries and Hickman says she'll be more cautious. "Especially with all this Thunder Valley traffic and people walking. I just know I'll be more careful about watching," she added.

The accident happened between Windsor and Holston Avenues and police say the pedestrian wasn't walking in a crosswalk. Leonard says he hopes this accident serves as a word of warning, "Be a defensive walker and watch out for cars. You know because you never know what can happen."

Lieutenant Brandon Carter with Bristol Tennessee Police says the driver will not be charged and the victim was cited for jaywalking.

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