Major meth operation in Bristol, Tenn.

BRISTOL, Tenn. - Sullivan County detectives stumble upon what they are calling a major meth operation in Bristol, Tenn.

Detectives went to a home on Anderson Street to speak with Rebecca Oliver about another investigation; that's when, officers say, they made a discovery.

Leslie Earhart with the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office said, "While they were talking to the resident, the officers observed what appeared to be meth making materials in plain view in one of the trash cans."

Detectives say they found more than 20 one pot bottles in the mobile home and in an abandoned mobile home directly in front of the first one.

Detectives charged Oliver with meth-related offenses.

Adam Geiger was also arrested at the scene on an outstanding warrant for especially aggravated robbery out of Bristol, Va.

Adam Geiger

Rebecca Oliver

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