Longtime Bristol, Va. Fire Department office manager honored

Peggy Brown is the workplace hero award winner in the Celebration of Heroes

Longtime Bristol, Va. Fire Department office manager honored

BRISTOL, Va. - For 37 years Peggy Brown was the fire beneath the Bristol, Virginia Fire Department. "She was the key to the operation," said former Fire Chief Dick Steinberg. "She did everything."

Steinberg and Jeff Simpson were Peggy's co-workers over a combined 25 years. "Peggy was the glue that kept the department together as far as coordinating, getting information out," Simpson said.

From ordering supplies for all three fire stations to organizing retirement parties, her co-workers tell us their office manager is a worthy Workplace Hero award winner in the American Red Cross/WCYB Celebration of Heroes.

"In her 37 years in the department working for seven different fire chiefs, she has never said, 'not my job,'" Steinberg said.

Peggy never said that about her volunteer community work either. Her leadership with the local Santa Pal program is legendary.

She's dedicated her life to assisting the citizens of Bristol in many different ways. "For many years she was the only person in the city of Bristol, Virginia that was certified to put in child safety seats," Steinberg said. "How many lives has she saved by putting in child safety seats properly?"

"Peggy, in her heart, everybody else came first," Simpson added.

The attitude of a community champion. And even though her health has been dimmed by a critical illness, she continues to be a heroic eternal flame that will always burn bright. "Peggy was a hero for what she did for others, for what she did for us," Simpson said.

"I just can't say enough good about her," Steinberg said.

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