Local V.F.W. Post gets help renovating for free

BRISTOL, Tenn. - One local V.F.W. is getting renovations to their building after nearly six decades and it's all for free.

Volunteers filled the V.F.W. on State Street in Bristol, Tennessee and workers are trying to complete the project in just 48 hours, "We're doing a complete renovation makeover of this of the post dining room," says post commander Gary Maiden.

Maiden is the commander of the V.F.W. Post 6975 and he tells us the dining room hasn't be updated since it was built in 1955, "We were trying to do a little bit at a time and low and behold I received a call from the home depot foundation," adds Maiden.

The Home Depot in Bristol and the filed to get a grant to help pay for repairs.  They were approved giving the Home Depot Foundation $10,500 to help with the renovations, "But on top of that Home Depot provided volunteers to come in and do the work," says Maiden. 

Steven Horner is the assistant manager of the Home Depot in Bristol and he tells us they are going to re-paint, replace ceiling tiles, and give the post new tables, "Outside we're building fences building nice cobblestone benches things to shine towards the flag on the exterior," says Horner.

Horner tells us all of the workers are volunteers from different community organizations and Home Depot and they're helping because they want to give back to those who served our country, "To show appreciation to all the current vets and show appreciate and hopefully have some partnership with some of the newer vets that are coming back and give them so place nice to come," adds Horner.

Commander Maiden tells us the hall is used to feed veterans, gives them a place to come together, and it's for the community, "This dining room is open to the public anytime just call, come in visit no problem at all," adds Maiden.

The veterans also tell us the renovations are like an early gift for Veterans Day on Monday. Volunteers tell us the renovations will be completed by Friday afternoon.

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