Local United Way campaigns nearing goals

BRISTOL, Tenn./Va. -      On Monday, the United Way of Bristol announced it's getting closer to reaching its campaign goal. Nearly one-point-two million dollars has already been raised, that's about 82.5% of its goal.

     Campaign chair, John Vann, tells us they're making a final push to raise the remaining $250,000 dollars. "We've reached the point where we see the end in sight, it's now just bringing in the businesses who have campaigns ongoing-reaching out to people in the community who have given in the past, as well as new donors who can help us close the gap."

     We also checked in with other United Way groups. The Washington County, Tennessee United Way has raised 82% of the one-point-seven million dollar goal.
The Kingsport United Way has surpassed its goal - raising nearly three-point-nine million dollars.

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