Local Television Personality Shot With Crossbow

Gerald Taylor Charged With Attempted First Degree Murder

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - A well-known local news personality became the victim of an attempted murder Monday morning.

Police say WJHL meteorologist Rob Williams was shot with a crossbow Monday morning at his home along Boone Lake.

Police say Williams filed a restraining order against the suspect, Gerald Taylor, last month. Both men list the address as their home and are listed as the property owners.

According to detective Mike Street, Taylor broke into the home. "The suspect had come to the house, broke into the house and attempted to shoot the occupant in the house."

Police say Taylor first tried to shoot Williams with a pistol, but missed. He was hit in the chest with an arrow.

"There is a dock down behind the house," explained Street. "He was hiding there, [and] after a brief standoff he was taken into custody."

Williams was taken to the hospital and is expected to recover.

Taylor is charged with attempted first degree murder.

Calls to WJHL's newsroom for comment were not returned.

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