Local shoe collection to benefit developing countries

BRISTOL, Va. -       First Baptist Church of Bristol is conducting a shoe collection drive to raise funds, support developing nations, and help the environment. The goal is to collect 25-hundred pair of shoes.

     The church earns forty-cents a pound from the shoes they gather. All donated shoes will be used in developing nations to start, maintain, and grow a unique business opportunity to feed, clothe, and house their families.

     Ben Ondrak, Associate Pastor of Family Ministry and Missions says that any shoe will be collected, but they emphasize gently used shoes are the best. "But if you've got any shoes at all, of any kind, anything from cleats to flip flops to high heeled shoes and tennis shoes, work shoes...we're collecting them all."

     First Baptist Church of Bristol will be collecting shoes until May 18th.

     The address is One Virginia Street in Bristol, Virginia.

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