Local retailer reacts to proposed e-cigarette regulations

BRISTOL, Va. - E-cigarette retailers in the Tri-Cities are reacting to the FDA's proposed regulations on the industry.

We talked to the manager at Vape Aloud, in Bristol, Va., who told us the regulations could effect some stores more than others.

Manager John Hamm said it will all depend on what self-imposed rules vendors, such as themselves, already follow.

Hamm told us they already adhere to the FDA's proposed regulation that bans the sale of the product to minors. They also don't allow minors into the store, he said.

Hamm told us their philosophy is that minors should not need e-cigarettes because the product is meant for people who want to quit smoking, something minors are not legally allowed to do anyway.

Other parts of the regulations would be a change, he said, such as registering with the FDA and reporting product and ingredient listings. Hamm told us they would welcome those changes. "As far as the juices are concerned, people making it in their houses and things like that, there needs to be regulation on that so you know you're getting the right amount of nicotine," he said.

Hamm told us they only use four different ingredients in their e-cigs; nicotine, water, vegetable glycerin, and propylene glycol. We found out other retailers may use more chemicals.

Hamm said these regulations could make sellers accountable for what goes into their product.

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