Local photographer raising funds for the trip of a lifetime

BRISTOL, Va. - A local photographer is trying to raise funds for the trip of a lifetime.
Saturday night was Benjamin Walls' event called 'Tiger Now, Tiger Later' and it's a fundraiser to help him raise money for a trip in April to India to take pictures of tigers.
There was a cocktail reception, and he was offering 20% off his special edition photographs.
Walls tells us he has raised about sixty percent of the needed funds.
We asked him why he chose to go there this year.
"This is a trip I've wanted to do for literally 10 years, this year I've really taken a now or never approach, the tiger population has crashed. There's about half the population there was 10 years ago, and so I'm really trying to get over there this year so I launched a campaign this February that will end March 9th in order to boost sales and raise the money necessary in order to get to India," says Walls.
He will be heading to India in April, and will be gone for the entire month of May.

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