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Joy Prom: A night to remember

It’s a night to feel like a princess, ride in a carriage, and make dreams come true.

The Steel Wheels perform to raise funds for carousel project

People filled the Kingsport Farmer's Market, Friday night to benefit the carousel project.

Loved ones upset over cemetery conditions in Weber City

Over the last two days a number of people have contacted our newsroom outraged over the up-keep of their plots at a cemetery in Weber City. They claimed that it had become almost impossible to find the markers of their loved ones. So, they reached out to us for our help.

Station pumped wrong gas into diesel cars

Filling a diesel tank with regular gasoline can be disastrous for your vehicle. Some people who used a filling station in our area are learning that fact first hand.

ETSU students appear on The Ellen Show

Some local college students got the chance to be on national TV when someone from their favorite show knocked on their door.

April 24, 2015: in court in Carter County, Tenn.

Double-murder suspect's 1st court appearance

The man detectives say admitted to the grizzly double murder in Carter County has made his first court appearance, in a wheelchair. News 5 WCYB also learned Azotea spent more than a decade in federal prison and may face capital punishment.

The risks of preeclampsia - one woman's mission to educate

We learn more about the symptoms of preeclampsia and the risks to mothers and their babies. Hear from one woman who developed the condition during two pregnancies and is now using the experience to teach others.

Your News 5 WCYB app must be updated in less than a week. Here is what to do.

Do you have the News 5 WCYB app? We have some very important information for you. The app you have will stop working at the end of the month, and we're going to show you how to update it. Don't have it yet? It's brand new, and the perfect time to sign up. NOTE: This does not apply to the StormTrack 5 weather app.

(img1)Tops in Tenn. in teaching German (1)

The best in Tenn. in teaching German

A Tri-Cities high school has been officially named as one of the top programs in the world to learn German.

Local doc officially under reprimand

The license of a Suboxone clinic doctor in Johnson City is officially under reprimand. An investigation found the doctor failing to fully document histories, physicals, and treatment plans of his patients at the clinic who were on Suboxone.


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