Hawkins County News

People Loving People fed thousands this Thanksgiving

Thousands of people in Northeast Tennessee enjoyed a free turkey dinner, thanks to a decade-old tradition.

TWRA collecting as much data in person as possible Saturday

Saturday was one of the busiest for hunting check stations. It's the opening day for rifle season and TWRA asked any hunters to bring their deer in to be recorded.

Hawkins County citizens complaining of scams

The Hawkins County Sheriff's Office has received an increased number of complaints of citizens being contacted by various Federal Agencies.

Hawkins County cemetery missing numerous tombstones

Police are investigating missing missing tombstones in a cemetery more than 100-years-old

Hawkins County BOE discusses closing two elementary schools

The possibility of closing two schools was a focus of discussion in a Hawkins County Board of Education meeting Thursday.

(img1)St.Marks Video

St. Mark's preservation committee seeks volunteers

St. Mark's Presbyterian Church in Rogersville was recently placed on the 2015 Ten in Tennessee Most Endangered Historic Locations List.

Officers reflect on child neglect case, explain charge

A woman is charged with child neglect after her two-year-old son is found walking along a busy street in just a diaper. Police say it's the circumstances around the child's departure that led to the charges.

Pastor remembers Margaret Jack Sliger

Church still mourns loss of Margaret Jack Sliger. Pastor says things will never be the same even though the community has closure.

Toddler runs loose on street wearing only a diaper

A mother is under arrest after her two-year-old little boy was found on the loose on the street.

Arrest in elderly woman's murder last May

There has been an arrest in the Margaret Sliger murder case. The 79-year-old Hawkins County woman was found dead at her home in Mooresburg in May.

Hawkins County, Tennessee

County courthouse in Rogersville, Tenn. Photo by Brian Stansberry.
General Information
Size: 500 square miles
Population: 56,833 (2011)
County seat: Rogersville
Other cities and towns: Bulls Gap, Church Hill, Kingsport (partial), Mt. Carmel, Surgoinsville
More information: hawkinscountytn.gov