Local middle schoolers to get laptops

BRISTOL, Tenn. - Until now, students at Vance Middle School in Bristol, Tennessee haven't been allowed to bring computers to school; beginning Wednesday, that will change.

Teachers were busy Monday handing out 650 laptops that will be assigned to students to use in classrooms. Students and parents had to go through an hour and an half of training to learn how to use the computers.

There is a yearly student fee of $50 to use the laptops. Students who can't afford the fee will still receive a laptop.

Gary Lilly, Tennessee School Director, told us, "We are not denying anyone an opportunity to get a laptop just because of the inability to pay. If anyone comes through and they can't afford it, then yes, we have some things in place to help out with that."

Students will be allowed to take the computers home. They will keep the laptops until they graduate high school.

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