All good things must come to an end and Saturday the Francis Brothers Hardware Store in Marion closed their doors for the final time.

77 years. That's how long the Francis Brothers shop has been open but owner Robert Francis tells us it's time for a change.

"People always told me that when you get ready to retire you'll wake up one morning and you'll say, 'it's time for me to go' and I woke up one morning and that's exactly what happened," he adds. 

His two uncles opened the shop back in 1937 and in 1985 Robert took over. He says he's a people person and the people here are like family.

"When you own a small business it's with you night and day. It's always on your mind," says Francis.

Hope Doss and Ed Blair have worked with Robert for years, and Blair says it's finally hit him.

"As the days went on and the shelves got more empty, it was a reality," adds Blair.

But this reality gives Robert more time to spend with his wife and grand kids and he says although it's sad to close up shop, he's looking forward to retirement.

"I've never played as much golf as I wanted to play and I've never gone fishing as much as I wanted to fish and I've never traveled as much as I wanted to travel, so we'll see how that develops," he adds.

"I thank my customers and my coworkers and him for being a wonderful boss. We're going to miss everybody," says Hope Doss.

Robert says he'll still be in and out of the shop for the next couple months getting it cleaned up, but can't thank the community and his employees enough for their support.