Local group has given over 1,100 quilts to children in need

Local group has given over 1,100 quilts to children in need

BRISTOL, Va. - Since its inception in 1995, the organization Project Linus has given out over four million quilts to children in need. There are now four hundred chapters nationwide, including one in Bristol, Virginia.

Maruene McClanahan and the other spry ladies have a real volunteer spirit and they're covering quite a cause; their needles pinpoint a real need. "It just thrills my hear," Maruene told us.

"[Maruene is] my right hand. I couldn't do this without maurene," said Kay Phillips, another of the volunteers. "We're a 100 percent, all-volunteer organization that makes quilts and blankets for ill children, sick, traumatized or otherwise in need."

So far, Maurene and her blanket brigade have threaded their way through thousands of quilts. "We have given away 1,166 little quilts to the children," she said.

Their goal is framed around this: providing these kids with some security through blankets.

Joyce Perkins works for Care Connection for Children. "They just light up. They have something of their very own. They cuddle with them, they look at the pictures on the print," she said.

Rebecca Thompson works for Highlands Community Services. "We have received 282 quilts at Highlands Community Services from Project Linus, and they're used and appreciated across our entire agency," she said.

Quilts tagged with busy, loving hands. The dedicated 88-year-old McClanahan tells us she hopes to keep these gals in stitches for the Linus Project as long as she can. "I've just devoted my whole life to these little quilts," she said.

Maurene McClanahan also tells us that quilting supplies can be expensive, so monetary donations are always appreciated by her group.

If you'd like to help, you can contact Maruene McClanahan at (276) 676-2893. You can get more information on the project at

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