Local gospel DJ dies

Local gospel DJ dies

BRISTOL, Va. - David Ausmus died on Island Road Sunday morning while on his routine run, but we found out that he has fans and friends that know him by another name.

He's better known as Dave Ray, a disc jockey on WZAP, which is a gospel radio station in Bristol.

He had three passions that include radio, running, and relatives.

"Dave had no idle time in his life. He was always doing something. I wondered how he was able to do it juggling his family and his job," General manager Glen Harlow said

Harlow said Ray touched lives all across the area.

"He wasn't a big radio pipes, wonderful radio voice type disc jockey. He was just like a friend coming into your home," Harlow added.

A next-door neighbor tells us Ray's broadcasts didn't stop in the radio station.

"When he'd come home from work oftentimes we'd discuss what the service was about and go over the message some," neighbor Jerry Woodlief said.

If Ray wasn't in the radio station, he was out on the road.
We discovered that he had a route he'd been running for forty years.

"He used to run four to five miles a day, always carried his stick with him," Woodlief said.
His runs usually included a stop at the park if his grandchildren were with him.

"I'll remember him mostly for the love for the lord and for the love for his children and his wife."

One neighbor told us today she has watched her neighbor run, stick in-hand, for 21 years.

As of Monday, no charges have been filed in the case.

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