Local company partners with local Disabled American Veterans chapter

BRISTOL, Tenn. - A local company has started a program to help clothe area veterans who are in need.

L.C. King Manufacturing -- home of Pointer Brand jeans and overalls -- has established a partnership with the Disabled American Veterans Chapter 39 in Bristol, Tennessee.

L.C. King will donate all of its seconds (items with minor defects) to the DAV, which will in turn distribute them to veterans through the VA.

The clothing is in perfectly good condition, but it can't be sold commercially because of simple things like a missed stitch.

Ben Collins, with L.C. King Manufacturing, recently visited the VA. "I didn't realize how important this particular idea was until I actually was given a tour by Chapter 39 at the VA hospital," said Collins, L.C. King's director of brand and digital. "Their appreciation, the amount of need there is. I didn't realize and so it's something we're actually still understanding, how important this is to our disabled veterans in need."

The clothing to be donated includes barn coats, overalls and jeans -- all in a variety of sizes.

The DAV will make sure it gets to those who need the items most.

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