Local businesses benefit from small business Saturday

BRISTOL, Tenn./Va. - It was a full house at Cranberry Lane in downtown Bristol. "We're looking at Christmas items and looking for things for Christmas gifts," says customer Tammy Gooch.

That's because it's small business Saturday and store owner Karen Hester tells News 5 it's one of their most successful days. "This is our second busiest sales days of the entire year," says Hester.

Over at the 'One of a Kind Gallery' owner Mimi Kind says it's an opportunity for local businesses to welcome in new customers. "Business has been very steady, had a lot of people downtown today, a lot of people that havent been downtown before, so that's been really great," says Kind.

"It keeps the town alive and theres so many stores here that are just fantastic," says shopper Carolyn Hayes.

 Store owners say it's important to take advantage of small business Saturday, because all the money you spend is going to stay here locally. "If you buy from a local business, 64 cents out of every dollar stays in our local community," says Hester, "if you shop online it's zero, if you shop at some of the bigger box stores a lot of that money goes back to the corporate office, it doesnt do that when you're a small business."

Not only that, but customers say it's a way to build great relationships. "Good service, and you want people to recognize you when you come back, you need to shop in small businesses," says Gooch.

The next big shopping day will be this coming Monday, which is Cyber Monday.

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