Local business recycles shingles from recent hail storms

BRISTOL, Tenn. - One company in the Tri-Cities has been pretty busy after the recent storms, but what they do with the damaged parts actually helps the environment.

ASR Systems of Tri-Cities was the first roofing facility to recycle in Tennessee. They've been pretty busy after the hail storms we saw almost two weeks ago that damaged homes in Kingsport,Gray and other areas in the Tri-Cities.

ASR teams up with local roofing contractors to get old shingles from damaged homes. ASR Systems then takes those shingles, reduces them down in size and works with asphalt workers to put that material into our local roads.

The company currently helps to pave roads in North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia. Although storms are a mess for a lot of homeowners, ASR's General Manager Alan Clarke says hail storms help their business.

"You're going to have a lull after those storms. You're going to see a spike in business, then you'll have a trough. It's good for awhile and you gotta capitalize on it, you know, while you can," adds Clarke.

Clarke tells News 5 their busiest time of year is usually in the spring, summer and fall months. Although the recent storms have kept them busy, they're not looking at adding anymore jobs anytime soon, but simply expanding their collection process.

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