Little risk of catching M.E.R.S.

BRISTOL, Tenn. - At least two people in the United States have now been exposed to a foreign virus. The Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, or M.E.R.S., made it's first appearance in America earlier this month.

We talked to a doctor at the Bristol Regional Medical Center who tells us there's very little risk of catching M.E.R.S., but if you do you could experience a fever, chills, shortness of breath or a cough.

Dr. Jacob Holt says, "These symptoms typically develop within 14 days of your exposure to the virus so if you have not been to Saudi Arabia or the neighboring countries in the last 14 days then your cough or fever is probably not going to be M.E.R.S."

If you do think you've been exposed, Doctor Holt recommends you call your doctor to set up an appointment and make sure you wear a face mask. He also says M.E.R.S. is more serious than a chest cold and can develop into a more serious type of pneumonia.

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