Leaders work to fight obesity problems in Tennessee

BRISTOL, Tenn. - Building healthy communities takes teamwork and that's how leaders in Tennessee are hoping to solve obesity problems.

The Statewide Pioneering Healthy Communities conference took place Thursday morning.

City and state leaders, along with the YMCA, and the community met to come up with solutions in fighting obesity and chronic illnesses across the Volunteer State.

The goal is to make healthy choices easier. "If you look at some of the latest data we're starting to see some of the trends where it's not only leveling off but it's actually starting to decline. We still have a lot of work to do, but we are starting to get better," said Ted Cornelius Vice President of Health Innovation of YMCA.

News 5 learned the YMCA introduced this initiative in Tennessee in 2006, since then the state's obesity rate has dropped from almost 70 percent to just over 66 percent.

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