Last full weekend to see Speedway In Lights

Speedway In Lights wrapping up

BRISTOL, Tenn. - It's hard to believe Christmas is already over, but there is still some holiday cheer left at the Bristol Motor Speedway.

There was a steady stream of cars going through Speedway In Lights on Friday night.

This is the last full weekend of the display and people are traveling from all over to see it. "It's kind of like the halfway point for my family up in Pennsylvania and us," said Scott Raup, who came from Kentucky for the display.

He was there with his wife, three children, his mother, and his mother's boyfriend. Raup told us this isn't their first trip to the Bristol Motor Speedway. "We go to the races here in August, so we come down here in the winter to see the lights and spend Christmas with each other," said Raup.

Their favorite part of the display was no surprise. "We always like the race cars, NASCAR, the pit crew, and stuff like that," Raup told us.

There is a display for everyone at Speedway In Lights. "I like the little man in the tractor out there," said Melissa Waters of North Carolina, gesturing to one of the displays. "My dad's a farmer."

The newest addition to the display is a "Battle at Bristol" section, for the 2016 football game between the University of Tennessee and Virginia Tech. There are football-themed lights and a section where you can take your picture as a football player or cheerleader for either team.

We're told 25,000 people came through Speedway in Lights between December 19-23, despite bad weather. "Even after being closed last week, we've rebounded really well and had some really good nights," said Kevin Triplett with Bristol Motor Speedway.

The Speedway was closed on Sunday, Dec. 22 but vendor Bo Carr told us the bad weather has made it busier on weekdays. "People are coming through the week, because maybe they didn't get the chance to come on Friday or Saturday night because of the weather," said Carr.

Carr told us it's worth it to help out the Speedway Children's Charities. The vendors all pay a fee to set up a booth at the Speedway and the money goes to the charities, as do all ticket proceeds. "It's a warm feeling in your heart," said Carr.

The visitors agree. "Anything that goes towards someone who needs it is worth it to me," said Scott Raup.

We're told Speedway in Lights raises the largest amount of money for Speedway Children's Charities, compared to the other fundraisers throughout the rest of the year.

The last day of Speedway in Lights is on Saturday, January 4. The ice rink and Chill Hill tube slide will be open until January 12.

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