Last football game at BMS was in 1961

Last Football Game at BMS was in 1961

BRISTOL, Tenn. - Before Monday's big announcement about the upcoming UT/VT game at Bristol Motor Speedway, the last football game played at the track was in 1961.

The announcement is 50 years in the making, thanks to Carl Moore's big idea to host a football game at the track he built with a business partner. 

After a race in 1961, Moore approached the Washington Redskins' owner and convinced him to play ball. "[We] talked him into having the Redskins come here for an exhibition game with the Philadelphia Eagles, who were the champions the year before. And that's how it started," said Moore.

Moore says decades ago, they also tried to get UT and Virginia Tech to play at the track, but it didn't work out until now.

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