Krispy Kreme mobile stops on State Street in Bristol

BRISTOL - State Street in Bristol has been busy with people all day long , and some fans have a little more than NASCAR on their mind.

For those who had the chance to venture down the street, they  probably came across a 1960 Flxible Starliner, now known as the Krispy Kreme Mobile.

The bus was originally purchased by Ray Charles and he used it while he was touring. So far, the Krispy Kreme Crew has traveled to 48 different states showing off their sweet ride.

"The lady that had purchased it from Mr. Charles put it up for sale and we were looking for something like this to commemorate our 75th birthday," says Tim France, Marketing Coordinator for Krispy Kreme.

If you stop by the starliner Thursday, you can sample mini apple and cherry pies.

Krispy Kreme will be opening their newest location in Kingsport on September 9th.

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