Korean War Veteran Laid To Rest 61 Years Later

SCOTT CO., Va. - After more than 60 years a Scott County, Virginia veteran is finally laid to rest.

Corporal William Ray Sluss fought in the the Korean War.

He died as a prisoner of war in Korea in 1951.

Saturday afternoon he was laid to rest and the Scott County, Virginia war hero was finally given the burial he deserves.

It was a somber moment as a Korean War veteran and prisoner of war was laid to rest.

For years his family was left with many unanswered questions.

"Well, I?ve wondered ever since I knew he was MIA. Ever since 1950," says his brother James Lincoln Powers.

It was a long process, but Sluss? remains were finally located and brought back home.

"It makes me feel like I know where he is supposed to be," his sister Buna Jester says.

Corporal Sluss received a hero's funeral.

His family was presented an American flag.

Many people gathered in the Gate City Funeral Home to pay their respects to the veteran.

It took more than 60 years, but family members say William Ray Sluss is finally at peace.

"Yes he is and I am too," adds Jester.

We've learned Sluss? remains were identified by a DNA test after a family member did some digging on the internet.

He was 17-years-old when he was deployed to Korea.

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